Who we are

Who we Are

We are a Dubai based, professional turnkey interior fit outs in Dubai. Backed by our experienced, technical & creative team, we deliver any scale of projects of any type of occupancy. We have an excellent portfolio of Corporate, Residential, Retail, FnB & Hospitality projects. We are well versed with local Authorities & approval processes, local & international materials. We have delivered successful projects with hands on Project Management within assigned budgets, compliant with industry best practices. Going from strength to strength we offer a bouquet of Value added services.

Planning Lifecycle


From understanding your requirements, site survey, regulations, latest trends we have to guide you through the design though latest technics. Our know-how for materials, vendors & best industry practices create the perfect Blue Print to execute.


We estimate & value engineer costs knowing that Budgets & cash flows are extremely important. Being qualified & experienced professionals we can deliver the exact look with a value engineered project.

Project Management

We get into detailed planning of a project with all considerations for type of design, MEP integration, procurement, approvals, site conditions, vendors, logistics, health, safety&cash flow etc. We are communicative with partnering with our Clients for any glitches & risk assessment.

Execution & Production

After carefully designed & planned the project we execute it on site as per the schedule & sequence for the committed timelines. The production on site & off site is carefully monitored for a desired quality. Some projects are multi-disciplinary which are like 3-4 projects into one.
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We are passionate design & technical professionals with more than two decades of rich experience to deliver interiors for projects of diverse scale and occupancies like residential, corporate, retail, hospitality, landscape & architecture. Each project we work on is an intensive collaborative process with our clients & internal stakeholders. Our creative solutions are always with a commitment to quality, value for money and making compelling spaces that anticipate future needs.Our designs are pragmatic yet deliver a wow effect with a unique identity where there are so many companies who just give you typical & prototype solutions and do not put an extra effort in making it unique for you.


We help you understand and optimize your interior space of any scale or occupancy type. We work with you for lateral customized solutions with a value for money;crafting designs that make the best use of your space yet consider the future aspirations of your organization. We are passionate about coming up with solutions that go beyond the expected whilst considering real needs. Our obsessive attention to detail is evident in all aspects of our work. We create the unique identity of your place that communicates the values of your business or home; with our ideas, innovative design solutions, materials and colour palettes.


We provide bespoke services to you at all stages in the occupancy cycle through strategic planning and standards. We provide building appraisal, and selection, detailed occupancy planning to post-occupancy evaluation. Interior fittings and furnishings are selected from an extensive network of suppliers to provide you with optimal choices. We undertake any type of occupancy or scale. Our services are collaborative with you from the moment your need arises for a place from designing, managing authorities, execution, project management, technical co-ordination to successful handover. We ensure every project is delivered within your parameters of occupancy, time, budget and unique identity.

We Are


With over two decades of experience in the industry & energetic team, we bring to you some of the finest and unique interiors to match your needs. The professional acumen helps us deliver combined with the industry best practices.


We deliver what we say, be transparent and keep communications open for any challenges in the project. We believe in setting the expectations of all stakeholders right.

Good Quality

We firmly believe on maintaining high quality standards in our work. Our benchmark is high when it comes to execution & production.

Creative & Innovative

We are adept at designing your space to innovative standards. Our designs invoke beauty, value, functionality and inspiration. We work close with our clients & end users to evolve a design within cost & time parameters.

Value for Money

We have professional and transparent system of working. All the expenses are discussed beforehand. We are committed to provide a Value for Money professional services.


We take pride in our work and commitment. We guarantee for what we build.


We have designed some of the amazing spaces for our clients.The approach to the goals with understanding, communication& close collaboration always creates a perfect habitat.

Well Managed

Experience, know-how and talented, hard-working people back our team.


SFX encourages new talent in the industry and offers Internship opportunities. Connect with our HR Team.